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Prager H1: Dennis was on Larry King Live last night with Stephanie Miller, Bishop Harry Jackson, and, candidate for Attorney General, California, Kamala Harris, The subject was same sex marriage…This morning on her radio show, Stephanie Miller, accused Dennis of being a liar. Can someone on the Left talk about someone on the Right and not accuse them of being a liar?

H2: Male/Female Hour: Deconstructing the Montage
Prager H2: Dennis with some help from Allen deconstructs the clips that making up the opening montage. Each one contains its own important male/female issue.

H3: More Larry King
Prager H3: Same sex marriage advocates constantly say that it’s a civil rights issue – just as blacks couldn’t once legally marry whites, now men can’t marry men or women, women. Dennis blows this bizarre, but persistent notion out of the water… Dennis talks to Phil Kerpen, VP of Policy for American for Prosperity, about the Winning in November campaign… Dr. Laura Schlesinger announced that she’s going to retire from radio after her contract is up at the end of the year. She used the n-word on her show last week and has been pilloried for it. Dennis describes the context of her remarks and defends her.

Kamala Harris kept arguing that outlawing same-sex marriage was unfair.

Dennis Prager agrees. It is unfair, but our society does not make laws that are always fair.

Fairness does not appear in the U.S. Constitution. Is it fair that Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t run for president? It’s not fair but we have a rule that you to be born a U.S. citizen to run for president.

You don’t formulate rules on the basis of is it fair to every individual. Nothing is fair to every individual. Social policy will always fall with some unfairness on somebody.

You need a certain eyesight to fly a plane. Is it fair to somebody who’s just a drop under that and can wear glasses and get to 20/20 vision? No.

If you make an orchestra, it is not fair to somebody who’s a little off-pitch. He worked very hard. But there is a standard for the orchestra.

Is it fair that the high intelligent 34-year old can’t run for president of the United States? We have a rule that a candidate must be 35.

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