It’s Human Nature!

In a 1995 lecture on Exodus 3, Dennis Prager says: It is natural to worship animals. One of the greatest teachings of Judaism is that that which is natural is not necessarily good. Natural and desirable are very different.

It is natural to be polygamous (particularly for men). It is not natural to be monogamous but it is good to be so. Natural and good are not the same.

We all use it all the time, when someone does something obnoxious, what’s the common statement? It’s human nature! It’s human nature to open someone else’s mail and to gossip and to take unjust revenge and to drive up the diamond lane alone. It’s human nature to do all miserable things. It’s not human nature to wait in line for your turn.

It is natural to worship animals. The overthrowing of the Jewish and Christian traditions is being done by natural man, people who want to act in accordance with nature, in opposition to the anti-nature ideas of Judaism and Christianity.

The Biblical attitude to animals is clear — they are to be used, not to be abused.

Exodus 3:22: Every woman is to ask her neighbor and any woman living in her house for articles of silver and gold and for clothing, which you will put on your sons and daughters. (NIV)

Dennis Prager: After the bitterness of slavery, why doesn’t it say, “And you will demand…” Or take? Why does it say you will ask?

Being a victim does not allow you to behave improperly. Would that this notion dominate American thought!

If one idea would take hold in this country and change it for the better, this would be it.

Even victims have to behave properly.

Being a victim does not free you to victimize.

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