I Just Signed Up On Frumster

At Friday night dinner, I admitted to the host I had never been married.

“And you’ve tried frumster?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t,” I admitted.

But now this is no longer true!

I’m signed up on frumster. I have just a basic profile where I’ve nailed down my 99 key theological beliefs (women should wear skirts, not pants, etc). I don’t feel like paying out $10 a month for the privilege of sending and receiving messages to other frumster members. If someone is interested in me, why can’t she just Google me, marvel at my long list of accomplishments, and then friend me on Facebook like a normal person?

This is my profile pic on frumster. I think it’s the perfect combination of frum and frei.

I would like to give thanks to Barack Obama for stepping into the mosque at Ground Zero issue and making it national. The main issue this fall is the economy, but I’d love for the Republicans to campaign as well against this mosque, against illegal immigration and against same-sex marriage.

On the down side, I’m worried about the Dallas Cowboys offensive line which was destroyed by the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs and manhandled in this season’s first two practice games.

Here I am in 1971 in England (I sit on top of a future religion professor friend) with my parents on the right.

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