Kissing Rabbi Marc Schneier Headed For Fourth Divorce

The New York Daily News publishes this shocking photo of Orthodox rabbi Marc Schneier kissing another woman in Israel. His spurned wife has filed for divorce.

Unlike the New York Daily News, I have done substantial research on stunning speech pathologist Gitty Leiner and I am able to tell you with complete certainty that what is going on in this photo is not romantic kissing but speech pathology.

We’re too critical too often and too much and it is about time that we judge other people with charity.

According to Gitty’s website “Ms. Leiner is trained in a number of treatment methodologies, including Links to Language, Beckman Oral Motor Intervention Program, Prompt Therapy, Talk Tools, and Sensory Integration.”

What is going on in this photo is that Ms. Leiner is providing the rabbi with links to language, Beckman Oral Motor Intervention, Prompt Therapy, Talk Tools and Sensory Integration.

The rabbi needed this extra help because he’s so busy with interfaith dialogue and the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.

The New York Daily News reports:

A rabbi to the stars was busted by his jilted wife for smooching a sexy gal pal on an Israeli getaway, according to blockbuster court papers obtained by the Daily News.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, the founder of the star-studded Hampton Synagogue, was slapped with shocking photographic proof of the affair by his fourth wife as they met for a drink at the Four Seasons.

Tobi Rubinstein-Schneier – whose complaint claims her husband impregnated his lover – this week petitioned a Manhattan court for a legal separation from the high-profile rabbi, who pals around with Russell Simmons and makes the scene in the Hamptons.

“My client did not know things were not good in this marriage until late in the day,” said Susan Bender, a lawyer for the rabbi’s wife of nearly four years. “This behavior by an Orthodox rabbi is an embarrassment to Orthodox Jews.”

A private eye for Rubinstein-Schneier snapped several pictures of the randy rabbi getting up close and personal in Israel with Gitty Leiner, a stunning speech pathologist and a congregant at the Hampton Synagogue.

“The differences Rabbi Schneier has with his wife are private and they should not be a matter of public discussion or public debate,” said Don Schuck, a lawyer for the rabbi. “It’s been his desire from the start to resolve this amicably.”

But in sealed court papers obtained by The News, Rubinstein-Schneier doesn’t hold back from slinging mud at her estranged husband.

She claims in a 20-page complaint that he continued living in the couple’s upper East Side home from February to April, even as he carried on with another woman.

On Valentine’s Day, court papers say, Schneier showed up with a bouquet of roses for his wife and pledged his love to her before departing for a San Francisco tryst with Leiner.

He’s also accused in the court papers of putting Leiner up last summer in housing across the street from the Hampton Synagogue. And in July, the suit says, the scorned wife found out her husband had gotten Leiner pregnant.

And Schneier allegedly pitched a fit at an 80th birthday celebration for his dad, Rabbi Arthur Schneier, at Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue.

“During the luncheon, defendant became enraged because his father ‘is an egomaniac, and I am the great one,'” according to the complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Schneier founded his Hamptons house of worship – which is billed on its Web site as “New York’s Most Celebrated Synagogue” – in 1990.

He also founded the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, a racial-harmony group whose board of directors is chaired by hip-hop mogul Simmons.

Earlier this year, Newsweek named Schneier one of the 50 most influential rabbis in America.

The complaint seeks to have Schneier maintain his wife’s preseparation standard of living, pay for her health care and insurance and cover costs on homes in Manhattan and Westhampton Beach.

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Too often in life we rush to give people a bad name. We fail to give them the benefit of the doubt. Due to my substantial background in speech pathology, I can assure you that the behavior in the top photo is entirely innocent and completely within the professional norms of speech pathology.

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