Was Jesus A Hater?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “Were all the great moral thinkers of history haters? There isn’t a single great moral thinker in history of which I am aware who advocated same-sex marriage. There is no parallel to this. Every great moral idea has been advocated from the beginning of moral thought. The idea that slavery was wrong did not begin with the abolitionists.”

“Human nature aches for irresponsibility. Human happiness aches for responsibility. The more you are responsible for your life, the happier you will be.”

When President Obama announced that kids can stay on their parent’s health insurance until they were 26, college students were ecstatic. They could prolong the age at which they were dependent on their parents another five years.

If there was a student there who did not applaud, he was a happier student that those who did applaud.

Who has more self-esteem? The kid who depends on his parents for another five years for health insurance or the kid who gets his own health insurance?

It is human nature to not want to be responsible. All these people who don’t want to get married? They don’t want to be responsible for somebody else. Marriage is first and foremost responsibility for somebody else.

Taking responsibility for yourself and for others makes you a happier person.

Would Dennis Prager attend a same-sex wedding?

Dennis says: “My niece is gay. She had a religious commitment ceremony. The family all attended but with the provision that it was not called a marriage and the blessings were not identical to those of a marriage. And then the family went to the commitment ceremony. My belief is that for family you do pretty much anything.”

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