All Those Great Muslim Hospitals

On his radio show yesterday, Dennis Prager says: Islam would like the world to be Muslim. Christianity would like the world to be Christian.

(Judaism has no desire that the world become Jewish, just that the world come to G-d and His moral demands.)

Any liberal who denies that Muslims want the world to be Muslim are lying.

How to attain this end?

Christians go about spreading Christianity by convincing people and building hospitals and doing charitable deeds for people whether or not they become Christian.

If Muslims decided to do this and to build hospitals for people who needed them, that would be very impressive. I don’t know of any. I know of no parallel to Christian missionary work among Muslims.

If the world becomes Muslim, it becomes controlled by Islamic law (sharia), but if the world becomes Christian, it does not become controlled by Christian law (because Christianity does not have a comparable legal system to Islamic law or Jewish law, though Catholics have more of a legal system than do Protestants).

If Islam has a spare $100 million to fight Islamic jihad, Ground Zero is not the place in need of such a mosque. Karachi is. Mecca is. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Egypt and Jordan and Syria and Yemen need mosques preaching tolerance and fighting against jihad. America does not need such a mosque, particularly not at Ground Zero where 3,000 people were murdered in the name of Islam.

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