Dennis Prager Says Most Older Women Look Better With Dyed Hair

An old woman calls in and says, “If a man does not love his wife because she won’t dye her hair, then she has the wrong husband.”

Dennis: “Why doesn’t it go in the other direction? If a man is married to a woman who won’t improve her looks by dying her hair, then he’s married to the wrong wife.”

Good point.

Dennis asks what is wrong with people looking younger than their chronological age.

Did you ask your husband if he would prefer you to dye your hair or to be grey? That is a question a wife owes her husband.

This matter is a great reason to go Asian or Persian, because they retain their naturally dark hair color longer. They age more gracefully.

Why is it wonderful to look 95 when you can look 65? We do lots of things to tackle nature such as by taking showers every day, brushing your teeth with toothpaste, wearing deoderant, etc.

Dennis: “I have all white hair. I have since my late 30s. I debated dying it. I have no problem with men who do dye their hair. While men should do everything to stay healthy, but a pre-occupation with appearance is not as good a sign as it is among women. Is this sexist? Life is sexist.”

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