The Most Prestigious Shabbos Invites In Hancock Park, Valley Village

I need some help with this one.

* Rabbi Gershon Bess
* Rabbi Avrohom Union
* Rabbi Daniel Korobkin
* Rabbi Yitzhok Adlerstein
* David Rubin
* Baruch Cohen
* Yehuda Faigin
* Barry Weiss
* Chaim Manela
* Zev Wolmark
* Benzion Westreich
* Andrew Freedman

I’m also trying to compile a list of the most prestigious Shabbos invites in Valley Village. A source emails: “Valley Village lunches? If you are there during the summer, you are a loser, pure and simple.”

Where do the winners go during the summer?

My source says: “There are no winners in Valley Village.”

I got these names suggested for the Valley:

* Steve Mazlin
* Adam Cohen
* David Striks
* Rabbi Zoltan Stulberger
* George Lintz
* Rabbi Paysach Wachsman
* Rabbi Eidlitz
* Rabbi Zvi Block

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