Nasty Piece Of Work

I think I’m a nasty piece of work — angry, vengeful, and spiteful.

I am so ashamed. I hate who I am much of the time.

Thank the good L-rd my psycho-therapists don’t view me this way.

They all look at me as a sad little boy.

All of them have this perspective. I’ll confess in therapy to the shameful things I’ve done. I’ll confess to how I view myself. I’ll berate myself all session about my dirty deeds done dirt cheap. I’m a big sinner! I’ve spurned G-d’s love! And then at the end, they’ll say, “I see you as a lost little boy looking for love. There’s just an aura of sadness and brokenness about you.”

Thank G-d for psychology!

Mike says: “Keep in mind that therapists get paid to tell you things like that, it is kind of like paying for love.”

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