Spike Lee

Dennis Prager on his radio show today: “I sat next to Spike Lee for five hours New York to LA. I don’t want to badmouth the guy but he didn’t say a word to the guy sitting next to him, me. Five hours sitting next to somebody and you usually say, “How are you doing?”

“But he talked a lot to the guy behind him about sports. I don’t like Spike Lee’s views but I like his movies.”

Dennis says: “I hate marijuana. I hate anything that screws around with your mind. If you can’t get high on life, I don’t want to make it legal for you to find a way to tune out of life. What good will it do to legalize marijuana? Will it end organized crime? The criminals won’t figure out an easier way to get you your stuff for cheap? If it would abolish organized crime, I would be for legalizing everything out there.”

Dennis says his two favorite movies are Casablanca and Groundhog Day. Dennis has watched Groundhog Day more often than any other movie. “You can’t move on in life until you grow up otherwise every day is repeated. That was the brilliance.”

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