Woman Fired For Being Too Attractive

Dennis Prager says she was not fired for being too attractive. The bank fired her for dressing too provocatively. If she did dress immodestly and would not stop dressing immodestly, Dennis said he defended the bank’s actions.

Dennis said he did not find the clothing she wore in the recent news photos (in the New York Daily News) as too provocative.

“No woman has ever been fired for being too attractive,” said Prager.

The provocative photos at the bottom here come from the Village Voice.

Beth posts: “If those pics are examples of her workplace attire, they were right to fire her. Banks are notoriously conservative places to work. Our skirts couldn’t be shorter than one inch above the knee, and the concept of “work cleavage”?Forget about it. Twice I was spoken to about my attire, and it was way more conservative than this lady’s. Pencil skirts and stilettos can be normal business attire or they can be slutty, depending how they’re worn.”


NEW YORK: It is not a crime to be attractive or dress in well-cut business suits, but if you ask Debrahlee Lorenzana, 33, either can cost you your job. She claims in court papers that she was forced out of her $70,000-a-year Manhattan Citibank job because her male managers found her a

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