New Jersey’s Eloquent New Governor Chris Christie

He announced a constitutional amendment for November to cap property taxes at no more than 2.5% per year.

A teacher complained she should make more money, say, $83,000 a year or $3 per pupil. “You’re not compensating me for my education and my experience,” she complained.

“Then you don’t have to do it,” he said.

She responded: “Teachers do it because they love it.”

I love that! It’s not because you love it, but because you want good compensation, which is fine, just don’t lie.

Chris Christie: “People go into it knowing what the pay scale is.”

“Unlike the United States of America, New Jersey can’t print money.”

I love this guy. He’s my new hero. Dennis Prager said today he wanted to travel to Trenton and kiss the governor’s ring. “Of course I supported him but I did not expect him to turn out great. He is turning out so great he should be considered presidential material. Americans go crazy for forthright speech. He’s quick. That’s not common.”

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