Spilled Oil

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “I have not spoken about this terrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Why have I not covered this? Because there’s nothing for me to say. Unlike the left, I have not pointed a finger for one moment, not even in my brain, let alone my mouth, at the president.

“Everyone listening knows that if this happened under President Bush, it would be known as Katrina II, but because the press serve as a mouthpiece for this administration, there is no need for a press secretary as the LA Times and the New York Times and the other newspapers serve as a press secretary for this president. So of course there’s no blame of the president but I don’t blame the president either. I don’t blame BP. I don’t know who to blame right now. Unlike the left, I do not speak when I don’t know what to say.

“My agenda is not to bash the other side. My agenda is to tell the truth first and then give my opinion.

“Nobody knows the truth here. It may have been negligence on the part of BP. It may have been negligence on the part of Washington authorities, but we don’t know.

“I feel terrible. It breaks my heart. I can’t believe that ten people listen to this show to hear me emote about sad events. That’s not how I view my task. My task is to provide clarity on events. There is no clarity on this event.

“James Carville got on some show and laced on to the president for not showing up. He should bring ships, a command post. The president knows as much about the BP disaster as I do. He’s the president of the country, he’s not commiserator in chief. That’s why I haven’t spoken about it. That’s why there’s such a moral gulf when it comes to acting responsibly between the right and the left.”

Dennis was shocked that movies now cost $13 and that secretaries are called administrative professionals.

I remember working as a temp secretary between 1995 and 1997 and I was grateful I was called an “administrative assistant.” It just sounds better than “secretary.” More manly.

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