Life Is Less Lonely With God


Wonder emails: I just watched one of your videos when you described how you marginalize yourself and are afraid to be open to others along with other things such as missing out on a “normal” life etc. I hope you had a wonderful Shabbat by the way. But the single most important reality for being a Jew is that G-d is One, and we are supposed to emulate and act in G-dly ways therefore we need to unify all aspects of our self or else we come to the state of marginalization. By coming to realize that G-d loves us we can build the strength to love and totally accept ourselves(as long as we still yearn to learn and grow). We are not rewarded for what we achieve but how much effort we put into realizing the Oneness of G-d and bringing that revelation to this world through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Anything else is hevel. Have you studied Tanya, chassidus, or any meditative kabbalah? With joy, meditation, and mitzvot we can over come all barriers. Have you learned any of Rabbi Nachman‘s teachings? Shalom may G-d Al-mighty bless you in all you do and guide you in the path of the righteous.

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