Shomer Hovel

Bob emails:

Luke, I am struck by the amazing popularity of the VH1 shows: “Celebrity Rehab”, “Sex Rehab” and “Sober House”. These shows take drug addled, sex crazed C-list celebrities and throw them in a house to fight out all their demons on the air.

I feel you could ride this wave of unsavory exhibitionism with your own rehab show with a decidedly Jewish spin. Here’s the pitch:

Six disgraced Rabbis
Six over-sexed porn starlets
One 500 ft studio apartment
One Alexander Technique practicing, vegetarian, CFS afflicted spiritual leader
All come together for an intense 28 day experience know as …
Shomer Hovel

Can Luke Ford rehabilitate these 12 desperate souls with posture improvement, soy milk, the music of Air Supply, Torah and 9,000 pages of Dennis Prager radio transcripts?

Tune in the fall to Shomer Hovel!

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