Blazing A Trail

I think most women grow up believing that they will find a man who will take care of the big things in life for them. A man who will blaze a trail ahead of her, a man who will provide and protect.

Now I keep seeing women reduced to tears as they realize that either they have no man to take care of them, or the man they are with is not going to take care of them. So they have to deal with a lot of messy things in life that they would rather ignore.

There are all sorts of tasks in life such as buying a car etc that the average woman does not want to do. She wants a man to look over her and to take care of her, though in today’s climate that is not politically correct to express.

Then I look at myself and see I don’t have the energy and the money and the practical know-how to always take care of my woman in this way. I guess I’m less of a man because I grew up believing that a man is someone who provides for his wife and his family.

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