Seventh-Gay Adventists

That’s a great title for a movie.

I was raised a Seventh-Day Adventist. There were no out homosexuals in the religious communities I grew up in (Avondale College and Pacific Union College). We would’ve dragged them behind a pack of kangaroos until they were cured of their disease.

I remember in sixth, seventh and eighth grade at Pacific Union College Elementary School, “fag” was the dirtiest word you could hurl at someone. I used a lot.

Guess that wasn’t very Christlike of me.

Here’s more info on this movie:

This film explores the complex intersection of religion, identity, and sexuality through the stories of gay Adventists who are often faced with a gut-wrenching decision. They must choose between the church they were raised to believe is God’s true remnant church and their innate desire for an intimate, loving relationship. Or is there a way to reconcile their faith and their identity?

Why Make This Film?

A Seventh-day Adventist religion professor recently told a group of LGBT Adventists that they have two incurable conditions,

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