I’m Watching The Super Bowl Live On My Cam!

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I don’t have strong feelings about the game. I don’t care much about either of the teams.

I hope something controversial happens so I can provide some scintillating blogging about it and get oodles of hits.

I just had a long talk with a close friend. I’ve been so caught up in my own life that I have not been registering the struggles of a lot of people close to me. I get pretty tunnel-visioned and selfish.

I returned to yoga this morning for the first time in 11 days (even if I only did about 20% of the class). For the first time in ages, I’m feeling a little zip of energy.

PS. I’m looking at Saints receiver Marques Colston drop an easy ball for a first down. I wonder if Alexander Technique would help with this sort of concentration? The habitual desire to turn away from the ball to check out who’s going to hit you is really strong and the whole nervous system has to be reprogrammed to watch the ball all the way into your hands before taking your eye off it to look at who’s going to hit you.

KhunDiddy: you watching the game…I’m in and out but right now I want to see if these old WHO geezers can cut the mustard
KhunDiddy: Pete has a cap on to hide the bald dome…good idea
KhunDiddy: He was getting flack this past week for his Kiddy Porn bust a few years ago hahahaa!
KhunDiddy: guys in their 60’s singing about Teenage Wasteland…hahahaa!
KhunDiddy: poor Pete looks a little shakey…his arthritas must be acting up
KhunDiddy: that was underwhelming at best

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