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From Hirhurim:

  • Brooklyn yeshiva students warn neighbors about house fire: link
  • Report: Bloomberg to endorse David Greenfield for city council: link
  • Dovid Katz’s thirst for Jewish History: link
  • New documentary explores history of Jews and basketball: link
  • R. Jonathan Sacks: The Pope is right about the threat to freedom: link
  • Former Felder staffer Eric Kuo joins Team Greenfield as Senior Advisor: link
  • Frum & female, but a rabbi? – Agudah welcomes new title for controversial clergywoman: link
  • R. Reuven Bulka: Some observations on the conversion crisis : link
  • The impending haredi implosion: link
  • The secret code of repealed conversions: link
  • R. Eliyahu Safran: Is gluttony a disease or choice?: link
  • Rabbi Melamed: IDF chief rabbi
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