Brad Greenberg Looks Like Something Out Of Der Sturmer

I don’t mean that critically.

No judgment.

I’m not exactly Adonis myself.

Just ask Danielle Berrin.

Anyway, enough about me.

Let’s talk about Brad.

Poor bloke.

I wonder if he ever hands out poisoned candy to Aryan children coming out of church in Santa Monica?

Wearing a top hat and a stick pin?

In his spare time, does he torture the host and poison wells?

This isn’t me writing this.

I don’t write like this.

These are words coming from outside of me over which I have little control.

(I stuck in the Danielle Berrin bit gratuituously.)

Brad’s story is sad. How come the Jews lose the Brad Greenbergs of the world and get the Luke Fords?

It doesn’t seem like a fair trade.

I can’t doubt the sincerity of Brad’s faith. He’s a fair dinkum Christian.

He must’ve gotten the wrong directions to the BBYO camp and ended up at Liberty University.

I’m sure I’ll get a little scared when he tells me the world is 6,000 years old. When he tries to convince me that Fred Flintstone and T-Rex lived at the same time as the Apostles.

That’ll be Brad Greenberg’s version of carbon dating.

Brad likes the hovel even though he said in his article that it smells bad.

Oh well, I must go raise money for the Irv Rubin Scholarship Fund. The first winner will be Ben "Porn Generation" Shapiro.

Each year one fanatic is picked out of many applications and given an all expense paid trip to Gaza to bring the Moshiach.

Ben’s never had sex but he knows it’s evil (outside of marriage).

I bet he’s bought some tactical nukes to use on secular Jews. First stop? Leo Baeck Temple

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