Decoding Doxxing (6-10-24)

01:00 The Far Right’s New ‘Badge of Honor’,
03:00 Mark Lilla on left v right,
20:30 DTG on the lab leak hypothesis,
31:00 Problematic,
37:10 10 Days That Shaped Modern Canada (w/ Aaron Hughes, author),
44:00 Elliott Blatt joins the show to talk about realism vs liberalism
46:00 Elliott struggles with street closures in San Francisco for a triathlon
54:10 Rethinking Narcissism: The Bad – and Surprising Good – About Feeling Special,
1:05:00 Ben Shapiro – Candace Owens feud
1:08:00 Israel’s PR problems
1:21:00 Curious Gazelle joins to talk about Destiny
1:25:00 Milo steps away from sodomy
1:31:00 Destiny and Milo are performative “relating to or of the nature of dramatic or artistic performance”
1:34:00 Destiny sticks to his principles
1:48:00 Curious Gazelle’s journey into nihilism

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