Shannon Orand’s Heartbreak Over Rabbi Tovia Singer

Here is an excerpt from the tapes of Leib Tropper and Shannon Orand where Rabbi Tropper seems to be talking about Shannon’s heartbreak over Rabbi Tovia Singer, a Cohen prevented by Jewish law from marrying a convert: “I was with you alone, [INAUD] those who you loved and who didn’t give a half, a fraction of the amount of money that Leib Tropper gave you, [INAUD] you dedicated to him , you are heartbroken you are distraught, and even now you wish that things were different and you could go ahead with your relationship with him, married, not married, whatever will be. You didn’t think about the question [INAUD] can marry – he told you from the beginning that he can’t marry you because he is a Cohen.”

You can listen here at around the six minute mark. It does sound like Rabbi Tropper is saying the word “Tuvia.”

Rabbi Tovia Singer used to live in Monsey, New York, near Rabbi Leib Tropper.

From Shannon Orand’s MySpace page:

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