Decoding The Anti-Israel, Pro-Palestine Campus Protests (5-5-24)

01:00 My analysis of campus protests:
03:00 National Review: Since When Does Criminal Law Not Apply to College Campus Protests?,
10:00 New York Times podcast on campus protests,
13:00 Journalist Lydia Polgreen,
16:30 Victor Davis Hanson: Radical Far-Left Palestine protests threaten America,
29:00 Khalid Safir joins the show,

01:00 Khalid Safir joins the show,
05:00 Khalid Safir makes the case for marriage,
1:04:00 Khalid leaves the show
1:12:00 Personal connections fuel your ability to survive disasters such as crime, inflation and earthquakes
1:27:00 Stephen J. James joins the show,
1:40:00 Who are the pro-Palestine protesters?
1:45:00 Islam and Religious Studies Post-9/11,
1:51:00 The case for a rules-based international order
1:52:00 The case for aiding Ukraine
1:53:00 Aiding Ukraine to bleed Russia
1:58:00 Talking cybercurrencies such as Bitcoin
2:18:00 Dismissing medical advice for natural healing often leads to premature death
2:26:00 SJJ’s under-earning
2:43:00 Try Pro-Palestine riots in a small town,
2:49:00 WP: “College students are dropping out in droves. Two sisters could fix that. A new AI tracks college students who are missing classes, running out of money or just feeling lonely.”
2:50:30 NYT: Widening Racial Disparities Underlie Rise in Child Deaths in the U.S.,
2:52:00 WP: “Brittney Griner’s ordeal riveted the nation.”
2:56:00 WP: For Laura Loomer, a Trump comeback is everything,

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