Pro Palestine campus protests at UCLA (5-3-24)

President Joe Biden said protest is fine but disruption is not. The essence of these campus protests has been disruption. The only reason these protests have captured the attention of the news is because of their disruption. Pro-Palestine speech is not going to be warmly received in America because Palestinians have not contributed anything to the world. Not many people in America will care about pro-Palestine or Pro-Israel speech on its own because Americans care primarily about Americans.

I learned in therapy that it is best to deal with problems when they are at a low level of intensity. It’s much harder to resolve disputes when intensity is 10/10. College president should have dealt with protesters once they broke the first window.

National Review: Since When Does Criminal Law Not Apply to College Campus Protests?

It’s a mistake to focus on the anti-semitism element of the college protests. Different groups have different interests. Instead, the focus should be enforcing the law to maximize the ability of unis to focus on their core missions of education and research. Expel the disrupters.

Interest groups such as Jews do themselves no favors when they focus publicly on their own narrow interest. With regard to the pro-Palestine campus protests, Jews should make the case for law enforcement rather than seek privileges from criticism. If the pro-Palestine or pro-black or pro-gay cause wants to win, they too should frame their case in terms of the general interest. People care primarily about themselves. They don’t care much about out-groups.

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