Decoding The Anti-Israel, Pro-Palestine Campus Protests Part Two (5-2-24)

02:00 Historian J. Otto Pohl joins the show,
09:00 The world runs on hierarchy, not democracy,
14:00 Elite discourse,
16:00 Knowledge is a conversation through time by the keepers of knowledge
24:00 Is Iran a rational actor?
32:00 Palestinians destabilized Jordan, Lebanon
37:00 Turkey’s attitude to the Iran-Israel conflict
38:15 The quality of life in Iraq now vs when Saddam Hussein reigned
40:00 WEHT to the Kurds?
42:30 Anti-Kurdism – wanting to deny Kurdish national sovereignty
44:30 Secularization trends among European Muslims
46:30 Prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians
54:50 Pohl: Lipstadt and the Denial of Soviet Ethnically Targeted Deportations and Killings,
56:30 Pohl: Radical Right Reaction in Europe and the US in Comparative Perspective,
1:06:00 Lock up the super predators
1:16:00 Over-Taking Responsibility: What It Is & How It Holds Us Back,
1:19:30 Jonathan Chait on the House Anti-Semitism Bill:
1:23:00 Pro-Israel arguments,
1:39:00 60s Backlash,
1:43:00 Biden’s Patience With Campus Protests Runs Out,
1:48:00 Joe Biden loses the center,
1:52:00 NYT: Before the Violence, U.C.L.A. Thought a Tolerant Approach Would Work,
1:55:00 NYT: Trump Embraces Lawlessness, but in the Name of a Higher Law,
1:58:40 LGBTQ+ people in Huntington Beach fearful of what they say is a rise in hostility,
2:01:00 America’s Colleges Are Reaping What They Sowed,
2:08:00 Men in caves wait for the apocalypse
2:18:00 Letterman: Norm MacDonald’s Bob Uecker Story

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