Orit Arfa – Fully Transcribed

You can now read the whole interview (or at least the parts I wanted to transcribe).

Here’s a taste:

Luke: “What is it like getting critiqued?”

Orit: “If I can’t handle getting critiqued, I should not be an artist.”

“Women — and what I teach a lot in my book — women, yes, want to be recognized for their greatness and their beauty, but even more so, they want to be comforted and they want to know that a man will handle them and love them when they are difficult, neurotic, insecure, bitchy, irrational. Sometimes I don’t look for a guy who’s going to love me all the time, love me because I’m a great writer or pretty or whatever it is I am, I want a guy who will love me through my insecurities and bolster me during those times of self-doubt and make me feel good about myself as a woman all around. Sometimes attractive and intelligent women are the ones who are most insecure because they are always on a pedestal, they are always worshiped. It’s a lot of pressure. A guy who can make her laugh and comfort her when she’s not at her best, that can make her feel very safe with a man.”

Luke: “How did you and why did you transition from primarily sharing in your singles columns to teaching?”

Orit: “If more men knew these techniques on how to date women, there’d be fewer singles. My singles column will be obsolete when I meet the man who can be manschly enough for me. One reason is that the Jewish Journal discontinued the column. It was nice to have a break and like keep my private life to myself.

“Teaching, I don’t have to reveal so much about myself, but I can still discuss these issues. I know my girlfriends are very thankful to me.”

Luke: “Why?”

Orit: “For bringing these matters to light.”

“A lot of the time men don’t know and they are scared… If the mind of a woman can be demystified a little bit, men can feel better about themselves and date and be in relationships, which is more of a priority now than it was for me in my 20s.”

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