Decoding Left-Wing Livestreamers Destiny, Hasan Piker (3-24-24)

01:00 Why do people watch livestreams?
02:00 Hasan Piker is the most popular left-wing stream, as lame as Red Scare podcast,
21:00 How Hasan Piker Became Our Generation’s Top Political Pundit,
23:30 Livestreamer Destiny doesn’t know much:
45:00 India’s exploitative sugar industry,
47:00 Thinking for ourselves,
49:00 Free speech and anti-semitism,
50:00 Biden can’t stop Israel’s Gaza invasion,
1:00:40 Russia is defeating NATO in Ukraine
1:03:45 American foreign policy is directed by a tiny elite against popular opinion
Usually presidents don’t matter much to your real life,
1:26:20 Devotional followers of favorite e-personalities such as Sam Harris,
1:06:00 Ukraine and a Trump presidency,
1:46:20 Decoding Academia: “Two leading COVID contrarians: Vinay Prasad and John Ioannidis”
1:58:00 Economist Ronald Coase,
2:08:30 Why do narcissists like conspiracy theories?
2:17:00 My experience with Modafinil, Aderall, ADHD
2:20:00 Israel and ethnic cleansing
2:31:00 Pessimists pay no price,
2:36:40 Ben Braddock, crank:
2:38:00 Fourth Black Female Harvard Scholar Accused of Plagiarism Amid Assault on DEI Initiatives,
2:42:00 WEHT to Skip Bayless?

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