Decoding Andrew Huberman (3-29-24)

02:00 Andrew Huberman of Stanford University,
08:00 Candace Owens leaves the Daily Wire,
24:00 The Pseudoscience of Andrew Huberman,
27:00 The descent of Jordan Peterson,
1:11:15 The business of podcasting,
1:19:10 Tucker Carlson skeptical of American aid to Israel
1:20:00 WP: U.S. signs off on more bombs, warplanes for Israel,
1:23:00 Elliott Blatt calls in about his 8 weeks without coffee
1:28:00 Elliott Blatt severs a relationship
1:30:20 Elliott Blatt gets sued, loses in small claims court
1:43:00 Would you date a podcast bro?
1:46:20 WEHT to Mama JF Elora Patoine?
1:59:00 My world has gotten smaller
2:09:00 Shamans and gurus

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