The Drums Of War (10-10-23)

01:00 Israel vs Hamas,
05:00 Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children died as a result of American sanctions,
10:00 What Makes A Great Pundit?,
22:00 New Yorker: Jake Sullivan’s Trial by Combat: Inside the White House’s battle to keep Ukraine in the fight,
25:00 What is your favorite Sunni civilization?
44:00 Baked Alaska is struggling, live streaming makes him sick
57:00 NBC News: Michael Benz, a conservative crusader against online censorship, appears to have a secret history as an alt-right persona,
54:00 Frame Game Radio FALLOUT,
59:00 The Halsey Question: What happened to the Halsey bucks?
1:05:00 Where can Gazans flee?
1:07:00 Frame Game portrayed himself as a Jew revealing the secrets of the Jews
1:08:00 Frame Game & Big Kat Kayla
1:09:00 The based Jew vs Norvin, the optics disaster
1:10:00 Frame Game: I’m here to help Norvin
1:11:00 Richard Spencer used Brundle to talk to Frame Game in June 2018
1:15:20 When Luke muted Brundlefly and Dooovid in June 2018 for Frame Game, and then Dooovid flamed Luke in the chat
1:20:00 The Halsey Question
1:25:00 Richard Spencer doxxed Frame Game Radio in 2018,

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