Decoding Christian Nationalism (8-28-23)

01:00 A Less Religious America Is a More Polarized America,
03:00 Here’s What The Left-Wing Doesn’t Understand About Race Relations
05:00 Your Hero System Is Your Morality And You Get It From Your Tribe,
10:00 Why are Americans so mean?
15:00 Dennis and Julie on LA’s tropical storm,
48:30 Noam Chomsky: Lover of linguistics, the USA… not so much,
1:08:30 British TV presenter Phillip Schofield shamed,
1:12:00 Philosopher Agnes Callard,
1:21:30 Four Hundred Years of Quarantine,
1:23:00 Geoffrey Miller, psychologist and polyamory practicioner,
1:23:30 Geoffrey Miller’s wife, psychologist Diana S. Fleischman,
1:56:00 Column: COVID lockdowns saved millions of lives — so of course Ron DeSantis is angry about them,
2:00:00 Was Closing Schools an Obvious and Colossal Mistake?,
2:05:00 Ibram X. Kendi: Inside you are two wolves. One of them is racist.,
2:08:00 Ricardo joins to talk about getting hired after flaming out of the corporate world
2:09:00 Ricardo’s Adderall addiction destroyed his life

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