Bringing Souls Out Of Hiding

Ideas that give me energy:

* Pursuing excellence.
* Think about what I’ve done excellently
* Think about the look on the faces of people who appreciate me. Think about the pretty girls I’ve kissed and how they said wow afterward…
* Think about the most heartfelt things people have said to me
* Remember how I’ve helped people. 
* Connect with people I love
* A vision for how I can make a difference in the world, such as helping souls come out of hiding (a mission from a 12-step program).
* Thinking about places where I belong, where I am welcome, where people are glad to see me
* I had a therapist who had me list everything that was great about me and when I was done, she prompted me to add my good looks
* Anything that cracks me up 
* The states of God-seeking, faith-seeking, generosity and love
* Thinking about the homeless man who brought a dead raccoon into a McDonalds in San Francisco
* Connecting to things Australian (or whatever is bringing me energy in the moment)

Practices for energy:

* A diet soda, I don’t like them, but they change my state
* Watch an action movie
* Eat protein
* Cold shower
* Fave songs
* Drink some cold sugar-free crystal light
* A walk in the sun
* Listen to inspiring talks
* Developing new skills
* Holding things that mean something to me such as a cricket bat, didgeridoo, Aussie hat, 
* Playing characters, trying out different accents and attitudes
* Write about my feelings, the more shameful the better

I know a lot of paranoid people and it is exhausting trying to calm them. Those who seek frequent reassurance wear me down and I distance myself because I want to preserve my energy.

There is nothing I say or do that can’t be misinterpreted and misused. When I work with sponsees, I am usually exercising at the time. Because I got out of breath one time (I was either sharing something painful or doing something requiring exertion), he essentially asked me if I was masturbating. I was horrified.

I could recommend to someone that they go for a walk, and they might go for a walk and get mugged or break a leg. I might say you should drink a glass of water and you might drink 20 glasses of water and hurt yourself. I take no responsibility for that. I could recommend to someone that they read a book and it might trigger them into creating a disaster online. I might suggest an assignment and it might lead them to a nervous breakdown. I might say that they should become more visible and they might go out and become more visible in a disastrous way. I take no responsibility for the lives of others because I have no control over them. I do the best I can and then I turn over the results to God. Please use whatever I say in ways that benefit you and others.

With every potential sponsee, I give them a template for our work. This template lists two books that I require sponsees to have available every time we meet so they should get them as e-books available on their phone. And yet 95% of potential sponsees don’t have these books when we start working together.

It’s tiring to reiterate my standards.

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