Nick Fuentes Came From The Basement (1-26-23)

01:00 Impressions upon returning to LA
06:00 Talking about Carl Schmitt with a German woman on a plane

It Came From the Basement

16:00 Ann Coulter: Blondes, the Trump Curse, Libertarian Suicide Pact, Woke Single Females, Twitter vs. Free Speech, Kavanaugh, Clinton, Clarence Thomas,
18:00 Blonde privilege,
27:00 New Yorker: A Brewery’s Anti-Violence Mission, Complicated by a Killing,
38:00 Nick Fuentes – up from the basement,
1:11:30 What to Know About the New Brett Kavanaugh Documentary,
1:15:00 Ann Coulter’s complaints about Twitter
1:34:00 “83 is a 2021 Indian Hindi language biopic sports drama film”,
1:43:40 Tucker Carlson: Antifa is back in force
1:54:00 How come we can’t have nice things?
2:19:00 Sam Yorty, former mayor of Los Angeles,
2:30:00 WP: Robert Moses and the saga of the racist parkway bridges,
2:40:00 High IQ people are more trusting,
2:43:00 Making friends in Sydney,
2:54:20 How Can Republicans Win?

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