What’s The Matter With Men?

New Yorker: What’s the matter with men?

Virtual Pilgrim comments: “Luke’s discussion about what men want in terms of relationship and sex compared to what women want Is a totally worldly point of view. There may be some truth underneath all of this, but I can tell you that the crowd that I ran with did not act that way at all. I ran around with Bible believing Christians went to a Bible College where there was zero insinuation of sexual relationships. The women had separate dorms from the men and once in a while they would come over to our dorms outside and sing hymns to us, and we would do the same to them. It’s a whole different world when you’re in a moral society.”

RR comments: “Spectacular scenery, landscaping. Remarkably immaculate, and uncrowded- certainly when considering present summer vacation period.
Also striking is the photographic quality. And mind you, I’m viewing on the iPhone SE 2020, which is the lowest end of the line. Can only imagine what the visual quality would be like on a high end screen (and a larger one).”

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