LA First Impressions After Nearly Three Months Down Under

I flew into LAX this morning from Sydney.

I’m struck by:

* How good LA smells;
* How uncomfortable public life is here (we have little in common, half of Los Angelenos don’t speak English);
* Australia has a higher quality of life but the most ambitious Australians will frequently leave the country for the US or Europe;
* LA’s Westside is reasonably similar to the Eastern suburbs of Sydney (low crime, high real estate prices, fit thin residents);
* How I couldn’t wait to get inside behind my locked doors after using public transport, while in Australia, I would often decompress by going outside;
* After three months without fear of crime in Australia, it rushed back in me as I made my way from LAX via the bus;
* Given LA’s lack of cohesion and trust, government seems to work about as efficiently as can be expected;

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