The Conservative Case For Victimhood (7-18-22)

00:20 Conservative Claims of Cultural Oppression: The Nature and Origins of Conservaphobia:
02:30 Tucker bashes Joe Biden
37:00 Hunter Biden
42:00 We wuz victims,
48:40 Tiktok as a driver of American chaos
55:00 How Tucker Carlson became the voice of White grievance,
1:09:20 Richard Spencer critiques TRS
1:10:20 An American’s Murky Path From Russian Propagandist to Jan. 6,
1:13:55 Nick Fuentes
1:16:12 When TRS was a Trump fan site
1:21:40 Richard on Greg Conte
1:28:45 Andrew Joyce
1:29:40 How Richard Spencer wants to go after the Jews
1:30:30 Richard wants Apolloism available to everyone
1:31:40 Richard on white victimology
1:33:40 Richard on Destiny
1:36:30 Narcissism and Stealth Control,
1:44:00 Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Addiction in the Digital Age,
1:48:00 Is sex addiction a mental health diagnosis?

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