During Blogging’s Golden Age, White Privilege Ruled (7-19-22)

00:30 Adam Carolla on Camp Antifa
04:00 America gets flooded by immigrants after 1965 immigration bill
20:00 The decline of social trust and social cohesion
48:00 The Golden Age of Blogging (and now) | Robert Wright & Ross Douthat, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-hYVS2v6dE
55:00 Anthony Cumia
56:30 The Podcasts that ended their friendship – Stuttering John & Artie Lange
58:30 RED BAR RADIO 2022 – Anthony Cumia EXPOSED (Following underage girls, Dave Landau, More),
1:02:00 Ken Brown vs racial nationalism
1:13:00 Why I Started ‘Putting Out Propaganda’ For The Oath Keepers — And What Drove Me To Leave
1:18:00 How ‘Stop the Steal’ Captured the American Right
1:20:00 Nut Country: Right-Wing Dallas and the Birth of the Southern Strategy
1:23:00 The Soft Right and Vicious Left
1:25:00 Does studying race differences lead to racism? Richard Haier and Lex Fridman

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