Only The Lonely (5-1-22)

01:00 Kyle Rowland joins,
04:00 Kyle’s analysis on what happened to Luke’s show
12:00 Anti-Social Disorder,
26:00 When Luke decided to write on Dennis Prager and lost all of his LA friends,
39:00 Nick Fuentes v Mr Metokur, Kino Casino
47:00 Young men are assholes
59:25 Curtis Yarvin
1:09:20 Russia v Ukraine
1:15:20 Joe Biden’s mental faculties
1:17:40 Iran
1:18:00 Decoding Very Bad Gurus,
1:19:00 Aura Soma,
1:27:00 The Master (2012),
1:32:00 My ex-GF died,
1:36:00 How Do You Spot Toxic People?
2:16:00 First religious Muslim woman on the cover of Playboy,
2:28:00 Journalist Noor Tagouri on misrepresentation of Muslims in the media

Kyle was a regular on my show in 2018. He joins me today to discuss loneliness.

Luke: “Why can’t I maintain a group coming on this show? I used to have such a great crowd.”

Kyle: “After the 2018 heyday after you had all the regulars on, you didn’t seem to want people on or you wanted people on such a narrow set of terms it amounted to pushing them away… You had strong boundaries. People would come in and you would be like, don’t talk, and you’d get agitated if they did talk, and you only wanted them to talk at specific points, or you wouldn’t want them on at all. You didn’t want the drama and unpredictability of a freewheeling conversation. You are of two minds — you want this connection but you don’t want what comes with it. You don’t want a show with tons of people on it. You are of two minds. That’s what leads to the confusion. Just remember how agitated you found yourself when things went wrong and how protective you were on your boundaries and how you wanted the show to go.”

Luke: “Yes. That was true of my show and of my life. I’m so inflexible that I drive people away. I want it done on my terms.”

Kyle: “You run out of gas as you go through life. You are not as resilient to the pain that comes from life. People who lack vitality [retreat into despair].”

“What I witnessed of you in the Dissident Right sphere is that you are one of the most thoughtful, insightful people in the space… And the reaction to your insight and your realization and your honest approach to this space has resulted in you being isolated. You keep on breaking the rules of the group you are in. You brought these people and you did your intellectual exploration honestly and people don’t like that… People are gross the way they respond to criticism. The reason I came on your show is that you were one of the more admirable figures in the Dissident Right… The deal you made with being honest is one where you are going to be isolated. People don’t like honesty. Also, you are inflexible and push people away. Membership in these communities come with downsides. They’re all arrogant… You’ll see the same things in every group… And you’ll be asked to do things uncritically. It’s the way these ape behaviors do. We’re a group species that have evolved to mob. And if you won’t join a mob, you’ll find yourself alone… You feel that keenly… You could get away with it if it weren’t for the other side of the coin where you have strong boundaries and you seem apt to get deeply offended. You are easy to wound and easy to offend. If you took everything in a more playful manner, you would take your licks and bounce back if it wasn’t carried so heavily and you would have no lack of connection. You have these two traits of honesty and inflexibility and not that desiring of human connection.”

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