Abortion Fights Are A Proxy For Race

From comments at Steve Sailer:

* If there is any chance at all that this could once again make people serious about sex and human relationships it won’t be a bad thing, but I suspect we may already be well past the point of no return on that matter.

How many human lives will it actually save? Probably not many.

The downside is that it weaponizes the abortion issue at a time when Democratic prospects otherwise were looking particularly bad, and gives them something to campaign on that may win them some votes.

The upside is that it makes people aware of the fact that the only thing Democrats have going for them is that they are in favor of letting people murder unborn children.

* Look up the statistics of women who have abortions. They’re not the kinds of women we want breeding.

* If it’s a real opinion, the Justice who wrote it is perfectly correct in saying the Constitution does not grant the right to abortion. It never occurred to our founding fathers to even think of such a thing.

However, the Constitution doesn’t have to stay that way. We could vote for a Constitutional Amendment granting the right to abortion, and that would settle the issue once and for all.

In the short-term, if abortion disappears, more unwed women are going to end up on welfare. It would be a financial burden on Blue states which they can’t afford. It will spike the number of babies given up to adoption agencies, and create a large generation of unwanted children who are psychologically messed up and probably criminally minded. It will be a societal disaster.

* Abortion is the holiest sacrament in the progressive religion, since it frees women to have work and sex lives like men. It’s created millions of the chardonnay slurping cat ladies the Dems depend upon for votes.

[One GF told me — abortion is just something that every woman goes through.]

* Middle income women will become a hell of a lot more discriminating in who they hook up with. Right now, they’re already quite discriminating about social status and height. Now they need to think about if the guy is going to stick around.

Biggest winners out of this — dorky Asian men.

* So every time a couple of gametes bump into each other something sacred has been created? Since most pregnancies end in natural abortion early on, does this mean God is the ultimate murderer?

* Speculation at Powerline is that the leak came from one of the leftwing justices – probably Sotomayor, who is by far the dumbest and most political of the nine justices – because any law clerk leaking an opinion would be kissing his or her legal career goodbye (though perhaps that norm has gone out the window, as well).

If so it’s likely to cause a lot of contention between right and left. It could solidify divisions on the Court and make conservative justices – including Roberts – even less likely to work with the liberal ones. The liberal justices may have lost their swing vote in Roberts.

* It will spike the number of babies given up to adoption agencies

* If you talk to any couples who are trying to adopt, trying to find a white American baby without any birth defects is like finding a needle in a haystack.

* This is epochal. The portent of this news will not be grasped for a very long time, but future generations will look back on today as the day when sanity began returning to the Western world. The progressive agenda is being undone by reality, and it is marvelous to behold.

Stronger families, saner women, economic parity between capital and labor, less politicization of medicine, and a generally more salubrious society, for starters.

The leak will only end up severely hurting the Democrats and the Left.

The leaker will be discovered. If it turns out that a Justice was also involved, that Justice will be impeached and removed to protect the integrity of the court. The Left miscalculated very badly with this one.

It’s strange how all the armchair legal scholars here are yowling about how this will throw the November election to the Democrats. Not only have they prescinded from the actual substance of the decision in order to sail on the high seas of meta-politics which they do not understand, but they also seem not to be aware of the fact that a majority of the American electorate is actually prolife.

* And it cannot be said often enough that although Trump failed to deliver on most of his promises, the one promise he did deliver on was the Supreme Court, and it is about to start paying off in spades.

* If you want to hire a top-tier lawyer, most people will hire a man with good reason.

Women have been active in the law business in respectable numbers since the 1970s or so. Yet in the last 50 years, how much top-tier legal scholarship have they produced? Not much. Nobody hauls a book off the shelf to read some woman’s Commentaries on the Law. No woman has ever written such a tome.

How much top-tier scholarship do women produce in academics that isn’t busywork? In the liberal arts, most of what women write is junk.

Look at the opinions of Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan. Ugh. They’re smarter than the average person, yet they mostly went directly towards the conclusion that was the most out of touch with reality. They are/were not the match of the best male legal minds that have sat on the Supreme Court.

In the 1800s, the entire population of male lawyers was likely no bigger than the entire pool of female lawyers living today, yet the best male legal scholars back then were still better than the best female legal scholars today.

* Sotomayor had a clerk named Amit Jain (he looks exactly like you expect down to the proprietarily homosexual mouth posture and artfully tousled hair) who worked with Joel Gerstein (co-author of this piece) to attack Kavanaugh during the nomination fight. Jain is now an attorney in Brooklyn but his whole career was left-wing projects.

* People really do overestimate both Abortion’s popularity and its reach as a galvanizing issue on the electorate.

* How will forcing the stripper to have a kid out of wedlock strengthen your family or my family? Is the stripper going to magically transform herself into a trad-wife once blessed with a pregnancy she doesn’t want?

* No one is going to be more likely to view sex as a potent procreative force if abortion is restricted in their state.

Most white women who want abortions will spend a few hundred dollars extra and travel to a state where abortion is legal and get one. The ones who don’t will be the most stupid and drug addicted ones.

The amount of unwanted offspring aborted vastly outnumbers the amount of children that come here through illegal immigration. What is the sense of opposing the latter while restricting abortion? Oh right…sex is supposed to be speshull!!!

* I don’t buy at all that this translates to a midterms loss. How many voters are really so gun-ho on killing babies that they care more about that than the soaring prices of everything, child grooming agenda, and race war hangover? A fair number, but they’re the ones who would vote Democrat anyway.

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