Facebook & MySpace As A Time Suck

I’ve only found social networking media a timesuck in two cases.

One, in the case of Tagged.com, because I inadvertently allowed it to spam my entire lukeisback at gmail correspondents and I got a lot of confused and concerned friends emailing me.

The other case was when I was insecure in my relationship and I kept checking the MySpace or Facebook page of the woman I was dating to see who she was adding as friends and whose pages she was posting to.

Other than that, these services save me time. Particularly Facebook because when I confirm or click “maybe” on events, it then schedules my calendar so I don’t have to. It also reminds me of birthdays not that I give gifts or cards unless I’m dating the woman.

Facebook makes it easier to connect with people — never my strong point! I no longer face that sweaty-palmed anxiety of asking a girl for her phone number. I just get her full name and then friend her on Facebook where I can start up a conversation or even find her phone number.

A lot of my friends are Facebook addicts. They make up fake profiles so they cyberstalk and harass the exes of their partners. Some will spend up to five hours a night on there.

Beth: “Luke, Facebook can be a killer timesucker if you let it. I use the chat feature to talk to friends all day. Either that or we text back and forth. You should try it. I am a master multitasker and if I’m not busy at work, I look like I am.”

I only chat with with hot chicks and people who can get money. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. I’d rather sculpt my blogging.

Beth: “I’d have thought twice about getting married if I’d known that it meant being cut off from interesting conversation.”

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