Author David Aaron Clark, RIP

David Aaron Clark was one of my favorite writers, and a friend since we first talked in early 1996.

He died of a heart attack Nov. 28.

David was one of my great sources. He gave me a ton of scoops off the record.

For years we talked about getting out of the industry.

"What? And leave showbiz?" he replied once.

David told me a few times that he was leaving but he never did transition out and start a fresh new life.

I last communicated with David in January of this year. He sent me an excerpt of a book he was working on. I asked him when it would be published.

He replied:

I am part of a global conspiracy that involves every editor to whom I have submitted the manuscript. We are all in agreement that the public doesn’t deserve the burden of such lurid — but worst of all, true! — confessions without an easy moral tacked on the end of the book.

Am currently rewriting to include lies, damned lies, and the introduction of a 12-step &/or Scientology program to cure all the protagonist’s ills by the end of the manuscript & leave him shaky but ready to stand on his own two feet again.

Will write more later, am off to my tedious dayjob where I can’t access this email account!

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