Claiming To Be Abo To Get Ahead In Australia

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Andrew Bolt (who you can think of as Australia’s Tucker Carlson) was sued under our anti-discrimination laws because of an opinion piece he wrote that criticised fair-skinned Aborigines for hogging the bulk of Aboriginal-only government grants. Many of these slimy characters have one-eighth or less Aboriginal ancestry.

The so-called “Stolen Generations” do indeed form the background (usually at a generation’s remove) for many successful part-Aboriginal Australians of the present. Naturally they carry on about the misery of their parents (or grandparents) being “stolen” – victimhood is a rewarding career option here as in the US.

A current long-running project of the great and the good is to give the Aborigines something they call a “Voice to Parliament” – a committee of Aborigines that would vet any proposed legislation and provide the indigenous view on it (and would risk becoming, de facto, a veto to anything they opposed). This push conveniently overlooks the fact that already Aborigines are slightly overrepresented (per capita) in our national Parliament. Indeed, one of our dozen or so federal cabinet ministers is an Aborigine (and won’t let you forget it).

It also overlooks the fact that 20 years ago or so there was a democratically-elected Aboriginal body (ATSIC) that administered some of the rivers of cash that pour out of our nation’s treasury into Aboriginal groups. Steve readers will not be surprised to learn that ATSIC was deeply corrupt and useless except as a make-work scheme for politically ambitious Aborigines.

* Most of the people from the large southern cities wouldn’t know a black fella if he fell out of a tree and landed at their feet. It isn’t until you travel to remote NT or WA that you actually see full blood abos that are as black as Africans. And the thing about officially claiming to be a darkie, is that you fall into a separate category of benefits only available to boongs. Also, there is no DNA test to pass before being eligible for benefits, which also include the mandatory cushy government jobs. I have to admit though that there are some quite attractive females who have a very small amount of black blood in them, that gives them that exotic look. And conversely there are a heck of a lot of full blood females that are freakin hideous (2 bag jobs, in case your bag falls off).
It’s an industry that is worth something like thirty billion dollars a year. For I think half a million people.

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