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Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Ann has been a great disappointment. She’s like so many of the eeyore’s around here who pout like little children about Trump because he couldn’t wave his hands and give them all their wishes.

Trump actually has built almost 400 miles of wall, much of it in high-impact areas, and every inch of it built in the face of opposition from both parties, much of the judiciary and of course the media. But the eeyore’s never take this into account.

In some sense I agree. Trump ought to be like Obama — just declare whatever unconstitutional thing he wants to do, and do it. But everyone rolled over for Obama, whereas they fight Trump tooth and nail. And despite the constant shouting by the Left that Trump is a “dictator” or whatever, he’s actually the most procedure compliant President we’ve had in ages. Trump follows the rules, often to his own detriment.

Anyway, if Hillary had won, how much wall would you have? Zero. If Biden wins he’ll tear it down as a “gesture” and re-open all the floodgates Trump has been steadily closing (e.g. refugees at its lowest in decades ).

Not voting for Trump in 2020 is an act of consummate stupidity.

* Build the wall was insanely popular with… people who wanted to build the wall.

A few exceptions for garbage white nationalists and some other assorted absolutely worthless pricks, people who care about building a wall are all locked in for Trump.

* Steve, any thoughts on the rumors about Hunter Biden’s dalliances with his 14-year-old niece?

* I’ve been watching Trump’s rallies and he HAS been talking about immigration. He mentions the Democrat debate where all the candidates raised their hand on free healthcare for illegals, and Joe put his hand up last, succumbing to peer pressure.

Ann’s got TDS but from the right. She still claims no wall has been built.

* I very much doubt Trump is capable of being prepped or helped at this point. He’s never been coachable, at best. And, contrary opinions or evidence notwithstanding, I’m certain that he believes he’s in his element right now like never before. Less than two weeks to an election he’s rallying everywhere and going to a debate where he probably thinks he’ll rock (again, in his view).

Either he’s right or he’s wrong. Hopefully we’ll know in 12 days. If he’s right, we’ll all have to accept that he’s a political savant who knows this game better than anyone. If he’s wrong… the price of him not being willing to listen to anyone might be spending much of the rest of his life having to listen to correctional authorities somewhere, perhaps. I don’t think the system is just going to let him go back to shilling MAGA or making plans for 2024.

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