Doxxing Insurance

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Get Some Doxxing Insurance.

Start gathering up any exploitable information you can about where you work. Nothing should be off-limits. [Obviously, don’t violate laws in the process. Or do, it’s up to you…although I would advise against it.]

Basically, the previous paragraph applies to anyone with anything to lose these days. One might be wise to consider expanding said insurance policy beyond employment as needed.

Sure it’s sneaky and certainly crappy if compiled against those with integrity who would do you no harm. I wouldn’t do it against friends or family.

* I’m a white middle-aged single mother who is working full-time at a job I despise because I don’t have a financial choice about it, and I just don’t understand how other women in my situation went from:

1. I hate my life because I want to have a husband and stay home
2. ????
3. BLM and #defundthepolice.

Seriously WTF? If I’m going to rage against society it’s going to be about my own life, which sucks, not some other group’s perceived situation that has no relationship to me or my (also white) kids. I would rather have a husband who was available to support us. I am totally aware of that feeling on my part and open about it with others. My children and I don’t have that for reasons having nothing to do with promiscuity or divorce or any personality clashes with anyone, and certainly nothing to do with black people or police. I also want the police to come when I call them because I can’t exactly fight off violent intruders of any demographic by myself. Was there some kind of memo to white women stuck with a career or something?

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