Free Speech In Orthodox Judaism

Everything that gets you banned from social media, you can talk about in Orthodox Judaism. I’ve yet to find a topic that I couldn’t talk about with an Orthodox rabbi. I’ve been able to discuss productively Biblical criticism, Kevin MacDonald, atheism, evolution, William Pierce, conflicting group interests, race science, Richard Spencer, anything at all, with Orthodox rabbis.

Thinking about rights such as free speech is not particularly useful when compared to thinking of yourself as a member of a nation that can extent rights and responsibilities to you depending on circumstances. The best guarantee of your free speech is not a law on the books but membership in a strong nation. You have lots of free speech when you are sitting with people who value you.

Increasing your power is a more effective way to use your time than complaining about your rights. Power beats rights. So how do we up our power levels? Look after our health, increase our savings, accept reality, learn new skills, network, deepen friendships, contribute to your chosen community, read books…

When you look at Youtube’s purge of dissident channels today, it’s easy to forget Youtube’s perspective, but as soon as you do, it’s easy to see why Youtube would have no interest in hosting such content.

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