NYT: White Woman Calls Police on Black Bird Watcher in Central Park

I side with the black gentleman in this story. Whites often treat dogs as members of the family. This is absurd. I notice that many white women do not like to obey leash laws. I’ve seen this ugly behavior too often. I had a girlfriend who was warned by police to obey the leash laws and when she thought the police were gone, she unleashed her dog, the police came back and gave her a ticket and she started yelling at the cops until I got her to quiet down.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* People like this woman treat their pets as if they are members of some special victim group and will fiercly defend their ‘rights’ to intrude your space, share their bodily fluids with you or even attack you. Dogs should just be on leases. If you call the cops on someone who points that out, you are trash, period. The rest is secondary.

* The internet is jumping on this woman—from all sides. Lefties are going for the white-woman-v-black man setup (the filmer/complainer against the woman is supposedly a black male). Non-lefties are focusing on the NY-lefty-who-thinks-her-dog-is more-important-than-people-and-she-can-break-the-rules part. She’s being painted as a Karen who also engages in Munchausen by proxy via her dog (internet posts attributed to her have that dog having a series of bizarre life-threatening accidents one after another).

I really don’t care, I’ve learned some caution in believing everything the internet says about someone based on a 1 minute clip. She looks bad and presumptuous, but I really need a lot more evidence before I start demanding her head be cut off. Entitled dog people are crappy, but I’m not sure this is it.

Also, more up Steve’s alley, the internet also went after Jimmy Fallon last night around the same time for “blackface”, because in 2000 he did an impression on SNL of a black celebrity. Jimmy Fallon, perhaps the least-threatening, most obsequious late night talk show host on the market today!

We really need to accurately define blackface. It’s not portraying someone who is black when you’re white, its a specific caricature of blacks made by whites in minstrel shows that have gone the way of the dodo.

Or not. I don’t care. Fallon’s a lefty, so let them eat their own.

* The video is priceless and she got her just deserts. I’m rooting for the black nerd birdwatcher in this one.

* NYT: “Internet sleuths digging into Ms. Cooper’s life found an Instagram profile of her cocker spaniel mix and began sharing old photos documenting injuries the dog had suffered…. She also returned her dog to the Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, where she adopted it a few years ago, after allegations that she choked the dog while calling the police.

“The dog is now in our rescue’s care and he is safe and in good health,” the organisation wrote on Facebook.”

The above is no exaggeration; the poor dog was yelping in pain as she repeated hoisted it and jerked it by its collar.

So: Entitled scofflaw huffery, cruelty to animals, making a false police call with threatening intent… she better blame it on Asperger’s or something. Total idiotic meltdown.


* Frankly, given the way she conducted herself, I would not want her working for my company. You don’t have a “right” to a job in America. It was her privilege to represent Franklin Templeton before the world and she could no longer be trusted with that privilege. Probably she was a psycho to her co-workers all along but psychopaths suck up to their superiors so that they are never found out. This time she showed her fangs.

Cooper is not a danger black man. He was not Trayvon Martin or a “jogger” with construction boots and a hammer. This was one time when the black media hero really is a good guy. And she didn’t FAIL to alert the police to him. She had no duty or right to alert the police to him because he had not committed any crime.

Instead she falsely accused him of threatening to kill her. This is a very serious false accusation and she should be in jail or at least fined for making a false police report. She is a sociopath who was caught doing the wrong thing and instead of humbly admitting that she was in the wrong and leashing her dog she falsely accused a man of a serious felony as a below the belt tactic to “win” the encounter. She played the short game and didn’t think of the larger implications of her tactics (to say the least). And she clearly was NOT afraid of Cooper – rather than running AWAY from him, she approaches him. He was afraid of HER. He asks her to stay away from him on the film as she approaches menacingly.

Of course, the racial aspect is what took this to a whole different level in the press, but what she did was despicable regardless of color. But she was the one who pulled the race card. She was an idiot to do this in America 2020 and now she is suffering the consequences.

* Well, he’s probably the only black man in the history of the world who’s ever tweeted, “I pull out the dog treats I carry for just such intransigence”.

* He also called her a “scofflaw” in the New York Times interview, so I pretty much have to take his side here.

* He appears to be a better human being than a woman who broke rules and then tried to frame him with a crime all the while consuming public (law enforcement) resources needlessly.

* Screw her. She admitted she knew the rules.

It could be worse–I carry a knife and I will gladly kill someone’s retarded, untrained, unleashed dog who jumps on me. And every single woman and liberal’s dog is untrained.

How many times have you heard that crap? “Oh, she’s just friendly!” as a dog jumps on you without your consent. Get your dogs on a leash, losers. If you don’t like leashing your dogs then move to rural Vermont and own your own property. My personal space in a public park is not part of your dog’s territory.

* I highly doubt he is that Machiavellian. The guy was honest about what he said and did re dog and dog treats even though it puts him in a negative light. The truth is that you or I up against a Karen would be lynched for saying what he says he said but they’d be wrong to lynch us. She was breaking the rules to his detriment and he responded in a manner that he had a right to.

When it became obvious that she was going to use his words against him he decided to start videoing and she freaked out. I don’t know whether her freakout was out of misplaced righteous indignation or out of actual fear but both are human level errors.

Either way, while admitting to not having read or watched any more than 5 minutes about this issue, if he is on the record as going against what the SJWs did to her than he is a better man than most of us.

* She doesn’t come off looking great. If she did it to me I’d be super pissed and feel quite good about her losing her job. Not that her bosses seem justified in taking her job but I think he would have been justified in rejoicing that they had.

* Only race-obsessed morons wouldn’t see from the video that she is the one who advanced on him and started to act on the phone with the police like she was being assaulted. Geez. The dog needs exercise? Take it for a walk or a run on a leash instead of breaking park rules and choking her dog by stringing it up.

And he didn’t ruin her – she did that all by herself by calling the police and trying to frame him for a crime. Did he “provoke” her into breaking the park rules and disturbing the bird sanctuary?

And I love the “This AFRICAN-AMERICAN man is threatening me!” part. Really scared people don’t yell PC-compliant descriptive like that. They scream “HELP! A man is threatening me!” or perhaps “This black guy is after me!” People under stress often lose adjectives and adverbs, forget PC-compliant ones.

For once, a white person is actually the bad one. Let it go.

* If that dog lady lied in her police call, she should do jail time. Every woman who makes a false police report should, at the very least, be booked for the crime. Sure, the jails would be overflowing for a while, but eventually they would learn their lesson and the culture would change for the better.

* Charlotte Allen: This is where I get off the Steve train.

I live in Washington DC and for the past 18 years in a neighborhood that is half gentrified and half 100 percent black housing projects. One of the things you quickly learn for your own safety on the sidewalks and on the Metro is how to distinguish ordinary black men minding their business (which is most of them) from thugs. If you can’t do that, you’re a hysterical fool like Amy Cooper who couldn’t tell the difference in broad daylight and thus shouldn’t be living in a city. The thugs are uniformly young (teens to 25 or so), loud, usually traveling in groups, and of distinctly gangsta appearance: locs, tattoos, pant waists down below the boxer shorts, in the summer often no shirt. Those black males are to be avoided at all costs–which is something that respectable black people do. If she had run screaming for the police from one or more (usually more) of that type, and he had turned out to be a Rhodes scholar, that would have been a “false positive.”

I’m glad that Franklin Templeton fired her. My husband and I have some of our savings in Franklin Templeton, and I don’t want my money managed by a 42-year-old single woman in NYC who: 1) calls herself a “dog mom” and the dogs she owns her “babies”; 2) wears a coronavirus mask while walking on a virtually unpopulated trail in the early morning; 3) has so little social awareness that she can’t tell the difference between a thug and some middle-aged black guy in a T-shirt; 4) disregards the leash law on an environmentally fragile trail because “fur baby” is so precious; 5) obviously calls the police without provocation while remembering to be oh-so-politically correct (she says “African-American”? C’mon!); and 6) gets so emotionally wrought up that she tortures the dog in the process (I could scarcely watch that prolonged strangling on the video as she repeatedly dragged the choking animal by its collar).

Sorry, but I feel zero sympathy for this woman. She needs to get out of money management.

* …her use of the term African-American man, and her emphasis and repeated use of that term, was her fatal error.

She’s just a overly confident, entitled, U of Chicago MBA, AWFL bitch who thinks she’s all that because she has some high-powered job as a money-shifter. This type abounds in NYC, DC, Boston, et al.

Personally I’m super reluctant to get into any squabble with a stranger over any issue, but especially with an AWFL because I know how petty and vindictive they can be. That is a losing battle for someone like me if the cops are called (“This man was acting aggressively and I felt threatened…”). Undoubtedly she’s pulled variations of this shit before and been successful with these AWFL tactics. But this time the entitled AWFL bitch crap didn’t work against a successful Harvard-educated, gay, birdwatching-nerd black man.

I see this whole incident as less of a race issue and more of an AWFL bitch getting her comeuppance. Having encountered this type before, a lot, I’m feeling a little pep-in-my-step schadenfreude over it.

* If someone in a public space points out to you that your dog has to be on a leash, and particularly if you already know that you’re required to leash your dog but you simply decide to ignore this regulation, then the only appropriate response is to put Fluffy on a leash.

I’m sure that it annoyed her to be filmed during this encounter, but being annoyed isn’t a reason to call the police, and claiming that her life was being threatened simply isn’t convincing. Had she really felt that her life was in danger, rather than standing there and jawing with the guy, she would would have been hauling ass out of there, with or without her little dog.

* As a former investigator I was often shocked by the crap some guys have to go through— seemingly unjust stuff— and how stoically many of them handled it. A lot of them black and Hispanic. These are the 95% who try to do the right thing even when dealt BS from law enforcement and the courts. Their stories are never heard because they’re not newsworthy. Reading trending stories on social media or MSM or featured by Paul Kersey would give you a very distorted view of how things actually are. It would be good if people went to their local courthouse and perused the docket and sat in on some court cases.

There are a lot of horrible women out there and if you happen to be the man who involves with them you will have a rollercoaster life at best and most likely will be emotionally, mentally, and physically damaged if not destroyed. And law enforcement and the courts are totally on the side of the woman. Often law enforcement will apologize to the male involved in a 911 call before telling them that their (LEO’s) hands are tied and the male must be arrested and booked. In a domestic situation, or civil divorce/child custody case, law enforcement and the courts act as women’s advocates.

I don’t say this as someone who’s ever been arrested or divorced. I say this as someone who’s spent a lot of time in courthouses and interviewing people. I saw how getting involved with the wrong woman could potentially be life-destroying and I therefore saw to it that I never get involved with such a woman. I.e., a woman who possessed any of the behaviors or displayed any of the warning signs of a bitch or nag or unstable woman. As a young man I dated all the above. I went for looks and T & A. And in every one of those relationships, I — as an opinionated, temperamental, stubborn, and argumentative guy— was miserable and the relationship quickly devolved into drama and bitter fights and temporary break-ups. I never had a premarital relationship last longer than 1.5-2 years.

So when it came to looking for a wife I was methodical in choosing the right one. I waited for one with all the right character traits. I found her. So now in my first and only marriage I have gone decades with only a few mild arguments (which were quickly resolved the same day). Involving with the wrong woman can be a soul-crushing hell. Being married to the right woman is a source of constant happiness and joy, heavenly.

* I don’t see him as a prick. He says he is trying to protect the bird habitat. She was clearly doing something wrong and not just technically wrong- it would damage the bird habitat. He says he has found people put their dogs back on leash when he starts giving them treats. A pretty clever solution.

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