Trump’s Press Conference

Buddy: “It is night and day between Trump reading prepared remarks, and speaking extemporaneously/off the cuff. It’s like he’s a little sad tired ADHD kid when reading, and then he comes alive like he’s had a Red Bull when he has the freedom to just stream consciousness. He is 10x more manly when he’s not reading. Using walmart and target etc. parking lots all over the nation to set up drive thru testing stations is a pretty good idea.
This will go down well as a good public/private partnership response.
“He managed to slip in a diss of the Obamacare website problems from years ago, that’s not gonna go down well.
What kind of a moron wants to give their medical information to the Google corporation? I wouldn’t be caught dead giving my medical info to Sergey Brin etc…
“He does have undoubted personality problems, Trump, but he’s the only rubber stopper we have, to stick in the giant, cracking, breaking Hoover Dam that holds back leftism. We all know we are getting leftism in 2024 even if Trump wins in 2020. He’s an imperfect tool, but he’s all we’ve got. I call these years the Trump interregnum. It’s a few years of grace, of slowdown of leftism. But make no mistake, in 2024 we will get leftism and get it good and hard. Fun fact the short little doctor Tony Fauci, is 79 years old! he looks 67 at best.”

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