How Will The Corona Virus Change The Course Of Western Civilization? (3-15-20)

Buddy says:

Dissident right politics just made me want to die, because it taught me that I was just living in the downfall of the western world, that the future held nothing but reloading the Drudge report and watching daily as the left destroyed another piece of society piece by piece. The only true right wingers quit whining and learn Hungarian or Russian and move to those countries, where your kids won’t be brainwashed to be trannies or homosexuals.

The ones of us who remain in the west, are really at root, just outnumbered whiners. Outnumbered well and truly, irrevocably by leftists and we know it.

The leftists news but I repeat myself, loves to rag on Trump about him letting John Bolton slim down the national security council and remove this in-house, in-the-white-house pandemic response team. They never mention that this team was only established in Obama’s sixth year in office, in 2014, never existed for five and a half years of Obama’s administration, never existed for all 8 years of Bush Jr’s administration, the pandemic response team never existed for all of the Clinton years, all of the Reagan/HW Bush years, this is never mentioned.

There were always pandemic experts nearby in DC and Maryland who could be brought in within half an hour. They never mention this. The media IS selling this ‘disbanded the pandemic response team’ story as if this team was long-standing, as if all presidents had it, as if Obama had it for all of his time in office, it is not true. It was established in 2014 and disbanded in early 2018 by John Bolton who simply wanted the NSC to focus on foreign policy. It was more like a ‘slimming down’ of the NSC bureaucracy that John Bolton wanted.

If Obama was fine with going through H1N1 pandemic without this ‘pandemic response team’ in 2009, and then waited until 2014 to even establish this team, nobody can argue it was absolutely essential to have this group inside the white house, the group of people was always in Maryland and DC some place else, and Atlanta.

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