Celebrating Steve Sailer’s Life & Work On His 60th Birthday

* Steve wrote in 2002: “I’m Catholic; I’ve always assumed I’m biologically half-Jewish (I’m adopted); and I’m an Anglophile and an admirer of WASP culture. So, I wish everyone well.”

* My March 3, 2005 interview with Steve Sailer.


* Ron Unz vs Steve Sailer

* Steve Sailer writes: “When I started writing professionally a little over a quarter of a century ago, I seriously considered using a pseudonym like Eric Blair / George Orwell. But I couldn’t figure out how to cash checks made out to a pseudonym, so I eventually junked the idea. But I generally wish I had gone with a pen name, for reasons that are obvious at this point to me, but I won’t mention them because they are so obvious.”

* New York: The Man Who Invented Identity Politics for the New Right

* What’s Steve Sailer’s History With The Donald Trump Candidacy?

* Steve Sailer profile on Infogalactic

* The Steve Sailer Anthology

* Nov. 13, 2016, I blogged: “Over the past year, I’ve emailed MSM journalists I know that they should write or assign profiles of Steve Sailer because of his importance to this election. None of them even bothered to reply to my suggestion.”

* Everybody Should Be Talking About Steve Sailer

* Steve Sailer Does Not Endorse Candidates

* Ngram analysis of Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

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