Trump Goes To The Wall

* Trump warns of ‘very long’ govt shutdown without wall funds

* U.S. Soldiers With HIV Say Trump’s New Policy Will Force Them Out

* Could Calfornia get more gay? California Senator Scott Wiener

* Chief Justice John Roberts Joins Leftists to Block Trump’s Restrictions on Asylum Claims at Border

* BOOK CLUB: Leviathan and its Enemies by Sam Francis

* Der Spiegel’s first-class faker: How did a magazine with a renowned fact-checking department fall for fabrication?

* Witchcraft moves to the mainstream in America as Christianity declines – and has Trump in its sights

* David Brooks: A New Center Being Born — The market and the welfare state go together.

* ‘The holy family was a migrant family’: Fence around nativity scene meant to spark discussion on immigration policies

* YouTube Is Deleting Hundreds of Sexually Suggestive “Mom Videos” — But Not Fast Enough

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