The Cofnas Critique

Bud says: Cofnas: race realism justified Jewish overrepresentation. Okay… but race realism also implies blacks will always be criminal and weak financially, Hispanics will always be behind and lazy, Indians will always be deceptive, etc. So if we’re going to deploy Cofnas’s argument, we need to do it in all spheres. The resentment about Jewish overrepresentation will end exactly when the borders are closed, affirmative action is ended, and a solid white majority is secured. But *until then* — until the whole package comes together — it’s hard to see the Cofnas argument doing the work you hope it does. And of course, as the overrepresented people, we should start to see Jewish lobbying groups rapidly working to restore a solid white majority. And then, believe me!, the resentment will vanish. Doesn’t that seem like a square deal?

I really like Jennifer (Church of Entropy). I’ve been really dragged out of my comfort zone these past couple years, thinking about group interests and political antagonism, etc. — I was basically a Hindu/Buddhist mystic 10 years ago, and a Christian mystic 5 years ago. Now I’m a debased political pundit. When she said at the end last night that she knows who you are… that was exactly my speed. I actually admire how she’s able to stay herself and keep bringing her esoteric interests to the table. The Jews are fascinating, but when you’re not Jewish, it gets exhausting… I’ve never felt once like god was calling me to convert, especially since I’d have to get my wife and kids to convert with me or else everything would go haywire, and that’s not happening. I guess the only question is whether you want to let her take us in these alternative directions. She’s great at handling the bantz.

I’m deep into Evola and have been re-reading my copy of The Upanishads (I love the Easwaran translation)… it’s the perennial monotheist Jesus that I love best. Ever read the Gospel of Judas?

Judas [said] to [Jesus], “I know who you are and where you have come from. You are from the immortal realm of Barbelo. And I am not worthy to utter the name of the one who has sent you.”

You’re a child of god, Luke! Jen and I know it.

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